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Frequently Asked Questions

My student has an appointment and needs to leave early or arrive late. What should I do?

If a student must leave early you must come in and check in to the main office to sign out your student. No need to call ahead! Please expect a wait of 10 to 15 minutes to locate your student and to allow them to gather their belongings. Students may only be picked up by a legal parent/guardian or a previously approved pickup person.

If a student returns to school in the middle of the day, they must report to the main office to check in with the attendance secretary. At check-in, they will receive an admit slip to class.

Can I call ahead so my student will be ready and in the office when I arrive?

Unfortunately, no. We will not pull students out of class before their parent/guardian arrives. We would like to ensure that students are in their classes for the maximum amount of time possible. We suggest that parents/guardians arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the desired leave time so our office staff has time to locate the student and allow them to gather their belongings. You will need to come into the school to sign your student out. During that time, we will pull them out of class and send you on your way!

We will not send students out of the school without a parent/guardian present. This is a safety issue and it is our responsibility to release student into the appropriate adult's care.

What happens if my student feels sick during school?

Students must go to the health room in the main office if they are not feeling well. Your student will ask their teacher for a pass and come to the health room where the school nurse or office staff will assist them.

Please encourage your student to let an adult know that they are not feeling well so our nurse or health assistant can assess and help them feel better. We will give you a call if they need to be picked up.

If the student needs to go home, they must be signed out by a parent/guardian in the main office for safety reasons.

What happens if my student arrives late to class?

Students will be marked as tardy if they arrive after the bell rings. Excused tardies include dental, doctor, and court appointments.