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Hazelbrook E.A.S.H Plan

School Continuous Improvement Plans (CIPs) will be revised to include an Anti-Bias Education, Accountability for Implementation, Solutions, and Healing (EASH) plan that will articulate actions the staff and school will take to establish and sustain an anti-bias school culture. 

Plans will outline and describe each school’s goals, strategies, and tactics for implementing this policy, and any other relevant anti-racist and anti-bias programs. 

Education and Engagement Accountability for Implementation Solutions Healing

Who is responsible?

TTSD, admin, BECs, (sometimes teachers)

Who is responsible?

Every staff member

Who is responsible?

Responding: Admin, staff

Learning: Students & staff

Who is responsible?

Communicators: TTSD, admin, Building Equity Coordinators

What is it?

  • Trainings

  • Opportunities for conversations

  • Equity Leadership Team

  • Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

  • Educations & skill building during detentions

  • Community Meetings

What is it?

  • Proof & evidence through data

  • Protocols for addressing bias and hate speech at the school level

  • Strategies for implementing district policy

  • Check-ins with students

  • Reporting

  • Data analysis

  • Office Discipline Referrals

  • Surveys 

  • PBIS surveys (students, Staff, Families)

  • Student Voice Data

  • Systems to review & revise practices

What is it?

  • Responses to originators of incidents including, but not limited to fighting, bias, & hate speech

  • Required age-appropriate education

  • Participation in activities

  • Restorative conversations between originator and victim, when appropriate 

  • Removal of school privileges

  • Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, an office referral, detention, or in or out of-school suspension

  • District policies


What is it?

  • Restorative practices
    (The use of restorative practices will be encouraged and the victim will always have the power to decline any offers of support and will never be required to or persuaded to engage in restorative practices with the originator.)

  • Victims of incidents including but not limited to, bias and hate speech will know the investigation has been initiated, and shall be notified when the investigation has been completed. FERPA law will be followed at all times.

  • Victims will be provided with support and resources.